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Having just returned from the gym I thought I’d spend a little time on weight loss goals. I am not at my goal weight yet, but I am getting there. I have undergone a complete psychological change and I think it would be beneficial to share it with you. I am being very up front with this blog, I don’t usually share these details in public. I began my current weight loss journey weighing in at exactly 458 pounds. That was the most I had ever weighed in my life. I don’t think anyone, even my best friend, knew I weighed that much until I told him. I felt ashamed, and worse, defeated.

I knew I had to do something fast. Already I was finding myself too tired to want to do anything other than sit around the house. I decided that I would join the gym and go on a diet. These two choices happened after I read a book by Lisa Diane. Her book talked about goal setting and the power of dedication to a goal, regardless of your current situation. Something within me really connected with all this and I decided right then that I would lose weight and not be fat anymore. This all happened just over four months ago.

I wrote down very specific goals and created an action plan (I’ll show it to you later) that I would follow to a tee. I didn’t really know what to do at the gym as far as working out, but I figured I would at least go and do my best. A trainer at the gym, Sedgie, gave me my “free” workout trial to get me on a routine. The next day, he called me at home and asked me if I was dedicated to losing the weight. I told him that yes I was, and that I wasn’t going to give up. So after some thought and time, he offered to train me for FREE. 3 days a week since March 8, 2006 he meets with me for an hour and tears my muscles up, lol.

The incredible part of this story is that in my goals I had written down that I would really love to get a personal trainer, but it was too costly for my current budget. I still wrote the goal down, and by the power of thought, focus, and determination, I was able to get a trainer for the best price possible: free.

When it came to eating, I was happy to be involved in any form of it. Food was for me my greatest ally and worst enemy. Whenever I was bored, or lonely, or depressed, I would use eating as my entertainment. I can remember eating lunch and thinking to myself, “I wonder what I’ll eat for dinner.” Eating was like my hobby, my “thing”. Deep down I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t see a way out.

I knew I had to change the way I ate, so I stocked my fridge with Healthy Choice meals. I tried and tried for weeks to follow the program of eating two of them per day plus another meal. As hard as I tried I couldn’t do it. This drug on for 2 more months. I was working out hard but not seeing any results. For two months I didn’t lose a pound! I still knew that eating was my downfall and I knew I had to change it. I went to the library and checked out Atkins for Life.

After reading the book, I knew I had to go back on the Atkins Lifestyle. Carbs have always been a problem for me, and I had lost once before on Atkins, a story I’ll talk about sometime. That story doesn’t end so well though. Anyway, on April 24, 2006 I began my low carb lifestyle. I eat lots of veggies like broccoli, onions, red/green/yellow peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, and green beans. I eat lots of chicken, turkey, and even beef. Salads are a staple in my daily eating now.
I weighed in yesterday and so far I’ve lost 40 pounds. I’ve lost tons of inches all over my body and lost 4% of my body fat. I’m at 35% body fat, down from 39%. My goal weight is 220 pounds and 18% body fat. Here are some of the things I do, you might want to try them too.

  1. Think of the weight in chunks. I needed to lose a total of 240 pounds. That’s a lot of weight, and with that number looming over me, I’d never make it. Instead, I opted to lose 24 pounds. I only need to lose 24 pounds 10 times and I’m at my goal weight. It’s more than semantics, trust me. Every time I lose 24 pounds, I’m 10% closer to my goal, and I reward myself with something I want, like a new shirt or even a trip somewhere. I’m almost at 20%!! For those of you that have to lose 50 pounds or less, just think, all you got to do is lose 5 pounds 10 times, an easy feat!!!
  2. My mind already knows I’m thin. I don’t feel thin, I don’t look thin, I’m not thin, but in my mind I am. I have created an image in my mind of me at my goal weight. I am merely waiting for my body to catch up. I think of things like a thin person, not a fat person. This is why I never give up and cheat because it goes against my thinking. I know what I am, so my choices line up with that.
  3. Commit to continue no matter what. Some weeks the scale doesn’t budge, I may even gain a pound or two. Some weeks I don’t want to go to the gym. Some weeks I feel like it’s taking too long. These tests are opportunities to prove my dedication. I challenge you to do the same. Always think of doubt as the “old you” trying to come back to life. The old self is buried somewhere in the back of your mind, and he doesn’t want to be forgotten. He will always be there watching you and offering his bad advice. He will try to trick you, and if you’re weak, you’re more susceptible to him. Don’t let the old self win. Use reason and logic to outweigh temporary emotional garbage thinking.
  4. Be Positive – This is the most important part because people with bad attitudes rarely accomplish anything. Keep your mind on the good you’re doing and you ‘ll want to keep going on.

This is enough to get you started, soon I’ll make a reference section with some other tools I use when managing my weight loss. For those of you reading this a year from now, I’ve lost a lot more weight, so check out some of my newer posts!

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7 thoughts on “Advice on Losing Weight

  1. Awesome, Mike! Congratulations, and thank you for sound advice and being a good example of putting what you speak about into practice. What I liked most are 2 things. One, you write about a multi-layered topic like this in a sensible and easy to grasp way. Then more will be able to follow these tips and ways of thinking. Two is that this type of stragedy can be applied to many more kinds of goals than weight loss. And because you believe in it, your writing makes the reader believe too. I love the ending about next year. Keep it up, I know you will. -Melissa

  2. Congratulations Mike! I won’t say “good luck” because luck has nothing to do with just strong willpower! This is life changing … amazing stuff! 🙂

  3. Bravo, Mike! I very much sense that you’re committed to continue no matter what, so your destiny to show up at the finish line is a given! I’ll enjoy following your progress straight to the finish line.

  4. Hi Mike! I’m rooting for you. I love your 4 tips and completely agree with making those goals managable by putting them in chunks. I look forward to reading more about your journey!