An Introduction and a Prologue

Let me start by welcoming you to my blog site. I hope to keep this site full of telling observations, funny stories, and (most importantly) inspirational truths that can be used to help you in your personal life. I am in no way perfect (trust me), but I have discovered a few things that have helped me make some radical changes for the better. This blog will cover those “things’ and give you a little more knowledge about reaching your goals and dreams.
I began this site to help people overcome those things they thought would be a hindrance forever. Maybe it’s one of the popular bad habits like overeating or smoking, or perhaps something a little less deadly like sleeping too much or poor time management. My journey into the world of success began many years ago when I was about 12 years old. I read a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I’m sure many of you have heard of this book, it’s all about the power of thinking and mental reinforcement to achieve dreams and desires. At the time, I was a fat kid with a stuttering problem. So this appealed to me immensely. I dug into the book and supplemented it by listening to tapes by inspirational sales guru Tom Hopkins.

Needless to say I was much too young to understand most of what I heard, but it sure sounded great and fun to have money being manifested by the power of mere thought. Over the next 12 years I dabbled in various enterprises and diets, working on my stutter, even working as a Youth Pastor and starting a Goat Dairy Farm. I’m sure I’ll talk all about that later. I thought I had found a good relationship but ending up hurting myself (haven’t we all?) and was banned from college financial aid for poor performance. In addition to this, I gained more and more weight until I found myself weighing in at almost 460 pounds.

Now here comes the good part. I know what you’re thinking. Now I don’t stutter and I weigh a lean 190 pounds. I have a beautiful girlfriend and all the money in the world…well, that’s not quite right, and that’s why I’m making this blog. is the journey to that end goal. It’s my personal story laid out in daily chunks. It’s the agony, the questions, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Let’s start with where I’m at.

In regards to weight loss, I have started exercising and eating a Low Carb Lifestyle.

I have lost 38 pounds in the last 2 and a half months. I will tell you all about how I got a free personal trainer and how I went from being a couch potato (with sour cream and cheese and bacon bits) to a consistent gym attendee. Don’t miss that one! I’m working on my stuttering and will be meeting with a Doctor who specializes in NLP to work on discovering the underlying subconscious reason behind my impediment. I’ll be updating how that goes. In regards to business and financial success, I have found a millionaire mentor who is taking me under her wing and teaching me the things she has done to get to where she’s at. I’ll be meeting her in person for the first time next week to discuss joint ventures we’ve talked about on the phone. I also own a successful small business selling Cellular Phones for Metro PCS. I hope you can see that I am on the brink of something big in my life, and I hope you join me as we both travel down the road to happiness and fulfillment.

It’s important to remember that in February of 2006 I didn’t have any of this. I had no car, no job, no hope, no future, basically I was a failed college dropout who thought little of himself. Now, through the power of thought and intention manifestation I am becoming and accomplishing all the things I set out to do in March 2006. Get ready for the ride, it’s gonna be a good one. I will teach you all I can as I learn and experience. All I ask from you is to be open to learn and change. And I will always be honest, truthful, up front, and straight forward. That being said, my current weight is 420 pounds. As the blogs line up, the weight will drop down. I’m entertaining the thought of pictures, but I’m not sure yet about that. Come back real soon as I’ll be updating furiously.

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10 thoughts on “An Introduction and a Prologue

  1. Mike,

    This is an amazing site already! I found your introduction inspiring and informative enough to want to know more. This will be like listening to a motivational speaker online…or should I say reading? Great job so far and thanks for doing this. You’ve helped me in my life, and I look forward to reading more. Good idea for your slogan too. I like it all!


  2. Reviewing your website has sparked some long gone inspiration. In reading your website I have found that I need to change my direction in life. Too long have I been a victim of circumstances and poor planning. I am looking forward to reading your articles in the future, and will draw from it for continued positive reinforcement.

  3. Happy Holiday Mike.

    I enjoy reading your blogs, by the way Net10 is my cellphone provider,I keep trying to be an internet success but I am a chicken, I am not going to give up because with the right attitude and Mentor I;ll get there You inspired me