8 Weeks With Mike

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8 Weeks With Mike

About this course

Do you have a product or service you need to sell online? Have you tried to send website traffic to your offers only to NOT get the results you want? Then, it's time you check out this one of a kind course by Copywriter, Marketer, and Successful Business Owner Michael Giannulis.

Inside this course you'll discover:

  • How to make sure you've chosen the right product or service to sell - if you get this wrong nothing else will matter
  • The single best website to use to VALIDATE there is a hungry audience ready and willing to purchase your product or service
  • How to choose a market and how to position yourself in that market as a true expert so you can command top dollar
  • The 3 different types of products you can sell and how to decide which one is right for you
  • How you can easily create a "giveaway" product in a couple hours without writing a single word yourself! You'll use this giveaway product to build a list of raving fans who will buy from you time and time again
  • The secret sauce to creating a website that generates leads 
  • Forget WordPress or other "site builders" you'll discover my exact software setup and how to build a website that actually makes you money
  • Video Sales Letters are all the rage because they actually work... and in this course, I'll show you my 10 steps to VSL success
  • A great converting sales letter is 75% emotion, 25% logic but the key lies in where you put each piece... let me show you how it all works together in my program
  • You'll uncover my never before revealed "BRIBE" system for making sure your headline and marketing angle is bulletproof (meaning you'll increase your odds of having a hit right from the start
  • How to amplify desire in your prospect so they are scrambling for the buy button on your site
  • Crafting the perfect offer which strangely enough DOESN'T include the price! (So many get this part wrong - don't be one of those people)
  • This missing ingredient is what makes the sale happen and in my opinion, it's missed by 99% of people trying to sell online (and it's costing them big time)
  • How to close your VSL with power and conviction - so your prospect whips out their credit card and BUYS ( ie you get paid!)
  • There are 4 pieces of technology I use to create my complete internet system - you'll get it all with a walk-through guide on how to use each one separately and more importantly how to connect it all together
  • If you've ever struggled with "technology" and how to make everything work - this will be the training that breaks that cycle for you and gets you on the fast track to tech success
  • Not sure how to accept payments for your product or service? I'll show you how to get payments set up with your website in just a few clicks
  • And what good is a website that works and converts if you don't have traffic? No good! I'll show you the 3 types of traffic you can get ASAP
  • I'll give you access to the 1 website that is in use today by over 1 BILLON people and show you how to exploit their algorithm for your own gain
  • Not sure what to say when you write an ad? I'll show you my unique CARTS system - which puts you in control of your traffic destiny
  • And there's so much more...

When you order today you are getting access to 8 modules which include:

  1. The full video training (each video is between 60 to 90 minutes with a few going a little longer). There's no fluff, just straight up actionable content you can use
  2. A PDF version of the powerpoint presentation so you can reference it anytime you want/need... especially as you work on writing your sales pieces
  3. Additional PDF handouts walking you through My 10-part VSL writing system (this system has been responsible for at least 30 million in online sales just in the last year alone
  4. MP3 audio version of the video training so you can listen on the go in your car or at the gym so you maximize your time
  5. Don't like to listen or watch or like to read over everything again? You're also getting the full transcripts of the entire program included free

BONUS: By popular demand, I am also including one of my high-converting Video Sales Letters broken down by each of my 10 sections. That way you can compare your VSL to my VSL and improve upon it. There's nothing like seeing a real-life example to help you improve your skills.

So, now is the time to make your purchase.

Click the button on this page now and place your order. You will get immediate access so you can start learning and applying this knowledge today. Education is great, but action is better. Learn what to do in my course and more importantly, I'll show you HOW to implement it as well. Join me for "8 Weeks With Mike" and you'll never wonder again how real money is made online selling your own products and services.

NOTE: Your purchase is protected by my 30-day guarantee. Go through the program and implement what I teach you. If you don't do anything with the course, then that's on you. So, if you buy it and try it and don't like it then, by all means, email me and you'll get a complete refund. If you buy it and do nothing, then that's on you... there are no refunds for that. So, if you're thinking of buying this and not taking action, then I'd skip this one.

NOTE #2: Yes, the course is called 8 Weeks With Mike because I recorded it over a period of 8 weeks. However, because of the power of modern technology, you can go through this course as fast as you'd like. 

So, now more waiting - place your order now and get the information you need to succeed.