My First Day at Toastmasters

One of my goals after I reach my target weight is to travel around doing conferences on weight loss, inspiration, goal setting, and other helpful means of personal development. I have done some public speaking and am majoring in Communication, but still I felt that I could use some more training. So last night for the first time I attended a Toastmaster’s meeting.

Toastmasters is a club that meets weekly for the purpose of giving speeches. Right when I walked in the door last night I had to stand up and say my name and why I was going to the group. It was a fun experience. I thought Toastmasters was going to be this very stern group of older people who took everything very serious, instead I was surprised to find the meeting was very relaxed, the speakers were making jokes and everyone was having a good time. Next week I’m going to be joining the group and getting my first set of manuals to work on what is called my “CTM” or Competent Toastmaster. (Thanks Lars!)
After I obtain that I will begin working on advanced manuals and will continue to grow as a speaker. If you’ve ever thought about being a public speaker in any capacity, I strongly suggest you find a local chapter and give it a chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

I found out they have advanced training in all sorts of areas from technical speaking to humor. I can’t wait to delve into these manuals and don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share my adventures with you.

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3 thoughts on “My First Day at Toastmasters

  1. Sounds very cool. I like the divisions. I checked them out online, and saw there are so many chapters in every area! At first I thought this would be for those who will be doing professional speeches and usinjg it in their career somehow, but I can definitely see that learning how to make the best out of your communication skills would be beneficial in personal areas as well as professonal. It’s great they’re nice and that it’s fun too. I like all of your diverse and well rounded goals. You clearly have a destination set and will reach it, and continue onward. =) -Your friend, Melissa

  2. Hi,

    Glad to see, that you had a great experience at Toastmasters. I very much agree with your observations.

    One note though – It´s called Competent Toastmaster, not certified Toastmaster (this is a common mistake).

    And actually, the CTM program is now called Competent Communicator (that will surely take some time to get used to).

    But the best of luck to you.