Quuu Review – Real Results Using Quuu.co

Quuu.co Review - Is it worth it?

Being that we’re in the middle of Tropical Depression Hermine (or is it a hurricane yet, I don’t know)… I will just make a quick review on a new tool I’ve been using to promote my blog and also grow my social media presence.

The name of the tool is Quuu.co and this is my official review.

Quuu.co is absolutely one of the most genius ideas I’ve seen come out in a long time. My only real gripe is that I didn’t invent it.

There are 2 sides of Quuu and both can help you grow your blog and your business.

The “main” part of Quu is that they offer what they call “hand-curated content suggestions for social media”. They are basically solving a problem that most of us have. It’s GREAT to share content with your social media following… but it’s hard to find all that content and get it set to go out.

So, that’s where they come in. They do the hard work of finding great content. They then connect to your Buffer account. Then, as if by magic, you get daily articles shared to your following on a timed basis. Y ou don’t do anything other than choose what categories you want shared.

Here’s Quuu’s graphic to explain it:


I’ve been using Quuu for a few months and I have some reporting (through Buffer) that tells me how I’ve done. Here’s a screenshot of my results:


I don’t do much on LinkedIn so I’m not surprised. These results are not really spectacular, but for a service that is really cheap, it helps add to my public persona. I would recommend if you’re in the content marketing business, you add Quuu.co to your repertoire. Side note: It says 28.5k clicks on my FB page – but I am 99% sure that’s an error in reporting.

Quuu Promote – The Other Side Of The Coin

This is the part that I REALLY like. If you wondered where Quuu is getting all that great, quality content from… well, people like me are paying them to share it. They’ve set up a perfect 2-sided marketplace and get both sides to pay to solve their problem.

Problem 1: I need good articles to share with my following about my topic. I don’t want to spend all my time trying to locate quality content. And I don’t want to schedule it. It would be great if someone could just find it for me and schedule great posts to go out to my social media followng.

Problem 2: I’m a content producer and have AWESOME stuff. Problem is, no one reads it and I can’t get anyone to share it for me.

Problem 1 is solved by Quuu content promotion. Problem 2 is solved by Quuu Promote. Quu promote allows you to take your best content and get it shared by a host of social media personalities. What I like about it is the potential social proof of getting lots of shares as well as the potential SEO value of having social media links pointing back to your site.

None of these things is an “instant fix”, but I think over the long haul you will see improved rankings and traffic.

I recently used Quuu Promote to advertise one of my blog posts called 5 Copywriting Books You Must Read

I paid Quuu $30 to promote my post for 30 days. And so far, here’s what I’ve got. Note it’s been 6 days since Quuu started promoting my post. Let’s see how they’ve done:


So 34 social media shares and 3 clicks.

I don’t really blame Quuu for the low clicks. Social media in general is not great for clicks. It’s good for “getting seen” and having people scan a headline, but clicks are harder to come by. Also, the amount of clicks is I’m sure linked to the type of post and whos’ seeing it.

But, like I said earlier. I’m looking more at the long term here and thinking that getting lots of shares and some traffic will pay off. I could be wrong, but I don’t mind spending $30/month for guaranteed shares and “backlinks”.

If you’re thinking of giving Quuu a try let me know how you do in the comments below. As more people use Quuu I think it will become more valuable, but the price will rise as well.

I hope you enjoyed my Quuu Review.

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19 thoughts on “Quuu Review – Real Results Using Quuu.co

  1. I used quuu last year, on one of my old blogs/websites. Wish I didn’t get rid of that site, as up until now, I’m still getting Twitter shares, EVERYDAY for blog posts I promoted last year. And the price was nowhere near $30 last year lol. Anyways, thinking about doing it again with my new blog thehustleneverenends.com. Oh and man I wish I had your domain lol. – Mike

    • Yes I definitely love Quuu.. it gets you out there, even if over the long haul. Funny thing about this domain – I bought it wasy back in 2006 when I was young.

      I probably wouldn’t buy this domain now, I’m not as confident as I was back then haha.

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for the review.
    It seems obvious now but I hadn’t thought of the benefits of using the curation side of Quuu. I used them yesterday for the first time to promote a post and to see what I could learn from it.
    The second I saw it on someone else’s Twitter feed I realized what I had missed. My headline is focused on keywords for search engine rankings and clicks from people specifically searching that term. It might not do too well on social.
    But, I spent the 30 bucks to see what I could learn from it, so already it’s paying off.
    I enjoyed your article.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article. It’s definitely true that social is different than SEO.

      One added benefit is that you can still get some more backlinks, even if no one clicks on them haha.

  3. Thus far they are horrible. I wrote an article and shared it and it has never been directed to the correct site. And they have the correct link! 4 x i have asked them to fix it, but to no avail. At this point no way i would recommend them!

  4. We haven’t done Promote yet, but have been using the “other side” of Quuu for about 6 months and on my personal account I grew almost 200 followers over 6 months and I didn’t post anything else but the Quuu articles. We average about 1 share 1 retweet and 1 like per Quuu posting (of other people’s content). That doesn’t necessarily help us in terms of traffic, but we don’t LOSE followers because of stale or shameless self promoting tweets so our followers pay attention because we have good content.

    • Hey Chris yes I do the same thing. I like that it does keep my Twitter looking fresh. It also does add followers for me just about everyday and get me likes and retweets. Promote is going ok when I use it. I just need to get back to writing some fresh content! haha

  5. Can you use Quuuu promote without Buffer (or other service?) I don’t want to have to sign up for a paid service just to use this paid service.

    • You have to use Buffer I believe. I haven’t looked in a while but I’m pretty sure you can just use the free version of Buffer so it doesn’t cost more.

  6. AppSumo is doing a promotion on Quuu:
    But, with this killer AppSumo deal, you can get 12 double credits for only $39!
    A double credit will keep content in circulation for 60 days (as opposed to the regular 30 days)!
    So instead of paying $1,200 to get your content in front of people for 720 days, you only have to pay $39!

    Just picked up a couple myself after reading your article. Grab them while you can!

  7. I use quuu and while I have not had a huge number of clicks, I feel like the people who read my blog posts do tend to repost them and find/tag me on Twitter @debra_yergen … and since my blog doesn’t sell anything (it’s just primarily intended to spread kindness, joy and make people feel good, I would call that a success. 🙂

  8. Hey Mike! I found your article when was searching for any kind of review on quuu platform. I wanted to check out how the platform works myself, and actually registered and put one post on the promotion. Currently I am waiting for the post to be approved. The website is on gaming topic – https://csgoreview.com/download-steam-skins/. I am not sure if this article will gain a lot of views or shares, but I really hope so. Anyway, I will check that during the next month and get back to you.

  9. Thank you for the article! I found Quuu today and I’m planning to become a paid member. I wanted to ask, are you still using them?

    I believe it’s been a couple of years since you first shared this post, it will be great if you can provide more information.

    • I don’t use Quuu as much as I use to. It always brought me traffic, but I was never selling anything here so it didn’t make a lot of sense to keep pushing it.