Today I TRIED to visit the Google Plex In MountainView, California

So today I made an attempt to get in to the google plex in Mountain View, California.

They wouldn’t let us in, though. 🙁

Turns out that even though you may pay them thousands per month (sometimes in
the high 5 figures) you have to have an employee from the inside take you in for
the tour.

I did manage to get inside the lobby, and asked the gatekeeper (secretary) to let me
in…to no avail. She wouldn’t even give me a Google pen! I told her not to worry though
as I would, “Continue to spend money with Adwords to ensure she kept getting her

She said thanks.

I did manage to get some pics though, see below:

Google plex tour in Mountainview, CAlifornia

Me standing in front of the Google Sign


See the inside of Google tour
Affiliate Manager Ryan Allaire


Google inside tour sign
Upclose view of Google Sign in Mountainview, California
(Notice it’s the “Pi” building)


Random shot of ACTUAL Google Employees on Break


It wouldn’t surprise me if Google asked me to take these down. So enjoy your free look inside the G King while you still can.


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