Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz Unpackaging

Check out this video of me geeking out as I open up my copy of Breakthrough advertising by master copywriter Eugene Schwartz. I am creating a course all about copywriting and I am reviewing this book to pick up some extra nuggets of marketing goodness. In the video, I show the chapter titles which was enough to get me excited to read the whole thing in one sitting. I’ll post a review of the book in the near future.

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12 thoughts on “Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz Unpackaging

  1. Thanks for the unboxing. Could you email me the source for where to buy a copy please?

    Also which edition is this? I’ve read that you want to get 4th edition or earlier.

    • Hey Chris,

      Glad you liked the unboxing of the Breakthrough Advertising book. I’m emailing you now with the details of where to get the book. It’s an awesome book and will really open your eyes to a lot of things. I believe this book is based off the 4th Edition but don’t quote me on that.

  2. Hello Mike. Great Unboxing. I enjoyed this video. Please may i have the contact of the guy you bought the book from please. Thank you