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EPISODE 047: Connecting With Entrepreneurs to Motivate Them To Do Big Things, with Mike Giannulis | 02.13.2018

My conversation with Michael is as inspiring as it comes. We learn about Michael’s not-so-traditional journey to where he is today. Battling with obesity his entire life, Michael was featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Michael’s perseverance and determination throughout his personal journey bleeds right into his success in the business world. We learn about how he’s been able to build a wildly successful business while also helping other entrepreneurs do the same!


EPISODE 730: Life Rewards Those Who Take Action, with Mike Giannulis | 01.30.2018

Michael Giannulis has overcome the odds and loves to share that story to inspire others. Mike especially thrives on connecting with entrepreneurs to motivate them to “do big things” in the world.  Mike grows and scales companies, using real-world experience to make this happen. He is a serial entrepreneur who develops systems to help other entrepreneurs run multiple companies without having to be there.


EPISODE 091: The Path to Health and Wealth,  with Mike Giannulis | 01.11.2018

Mike Giannulis is an entrepreneur & coach specializing in business growth and marketing. He uses real-world experience to grow and scale companies that he owns or consults for equity. His most recent company is on track for $40 million in gross revenues. Mike has experienced the highs and lows of becoming healthy and wealthy, and shares the full story in today’s episode.


EPISODE 657: Pricing Is A Brand Strategy,  with Mike Giannulis | 01.8.2018

Mike Giannulis is the owner of Pixx Marketing, which specializes in lead generation for professional services and information businesses. His campaigns have generated millions of dollars in revenue across multiple industries during the last 12-years. His companies are on pace to generate $25 million in revenue over the next 12-months. You’ll Learn –

  • What attracted Mike into business
  • Why it’s important to increasingly charge more for your services
  • How pricing is really a brand strategy
  • The difference between the front-end and back-end of a sale
  • How higher volume can lead to a lower conversion rate when you offer something for free
  • Why you need to be able to write converting ads & copy
  • The value of getting better at presenting what you’re selling


EPISODE 031: Helping Business Owners Find Freedom,  with Mike Giannulis | 12.12.2017

In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Michael Giannulis. Michael has overcome the odds and loves to share that story to inspire others. Mike especially thrives on connecting with entrepreneurs to motivate them to “do big things” in the world.


EPISODE 030: Building a $40 Million Business System,  with Mike Giannulis | 12.18.2017

Today we’ll be talking about how to go from Good to Great, and how Michael helps others build systems to grow their business and achieve their freedom. You’ll Learn –

  • With his first credit card, he bought a “No money down” Real Estate investment course.
  • Made is first Real Estate investment to the tunes of $1.1 mill but didn’t really know what he wanted to do with the property and learned a great lesson
  • How Michaels single biggest motivator is the ability to set goals and achieve them. Cash is the consequence of achieving his goals.
  • How Michael is making a business by identifying experts and create a sales and marketing system to deliver their expertise as online or offline courses.


EPISODE 029: Taking Action with Mike Giannulis | 12.04.2017

Mike shares the use of the acronym FEELS during the show and how you should apply it when writing good content. We discuss his use of routines in his life that make him a ninja as well as getting your name out there is more important than getting reviews – F-Fast, E-Easy, E-Expert, L-Lifestyle (how will your life change), and S-System/Steps.


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