These Are Things I Use To Make My Life Easier.

Ok, so my life is pretty busy. I have a beautiful wife that loves going out; I run multiple businesses, and I have recently started volunteering at my church, running social media. I don’t have kids yet, so that gives me a little extra time. I’ll probably have to sell a business for each kid I have. Kidding. Maybe.

What follows are the resources I use with links to get them. I LOVE technology, so I try to keep up with what’s new out there. If you have something you think I might like, tell me about it here. As time permits, I’ll add more resources.

Project Management:
Asana – Great for working with programmers, easy to organize detailed instructions.
Basecamp – Good for design and long-term projects. Love Basecamp but do wish the layout was different.

Storage/Online Docs:
DropBox – If you’re not using Dropbox, get on it. It makes life easy,, especially with large video files.
Google Drive – Storage and also connected to Google Docs, I use this all the time for work projects.

Skype – I have nearly 30 people I work with every week, and we all talk and chat on Skype. It’s the best – When it comes to screen sharing, I don’t think there’s anything better
Google Voice – For when I need a quick throw away number for an ad campaign or something – Allows people to book time with me without me having to do anything. L O V E!

Evernote – This is like having an extra brain, one that never forgets anything and lives in your pocket.

Filezilla – The free way to connect to your server and upload/download/edit your website. – My bread and butter for Blog based sites. I’ve been using WP since 2006!
WPMU Dev – Great site for tech help with WordPress, has been a lifesaver for me. Awesome plugins!
Hostgator – Host a ton of sites here, they are good, but I may be outgrowing them. 🙁

Adobe Audition – Took me a while to figure it out, but now I love it! Great for recording and editing
Audacity To Podcast – Great instructional podcasting blog by Daniel J. Lewis. I’m a paid member.

Facebook For Business – When you run ads for multiple companies and brands this is the bees knees.

Business Procedures:
Sweet Process – Every company becomes instantly more valuable once you have written procedures.

Fiverr – I get a ton of logos and FB/Twitter graphics here. Look for high ranked people.
Upwork – When you want someone more steady. We have project managers from Upwork help.

People I Learn From:
Michael Hyatt – Preaches platform building and leadership. I bought my WordPress theme from him.
Michael Michalowicz – Business teacher and hilarious. I learn best from people that make me laugh.

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