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2014 – Happy Independence Day!!

July 4th, 2014 by

I begin every 4th of July post by saying how much I can’t believe that yet again another year has passed. It really is true what they say; that as you get older time goes faster and faster. I’m 32 now and it really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was 16. I’m sure when I’m 48 I’ll look back and be shocked at how fast the time has gone.

NOTE TO SELF: Let me know what life is like at 48 (come back here and edit this paragraph ;)

As you may already know, I update this blog every 4th of July and have since 2006 when I first launched it. I used to write a lot of posts when I first built it, but haven’t really written too much since early 2007. I did manage to get on a TV show starring the much-awesome Chris Powell who helped me lose 255 pounds in on year.

That year (2010-2011) was truly a great year and it brought me many readers to this site. I am honored that I was part of that experience. My episode actually aired almost 2 years to the day from today.

And what a 2 years it has been! Lots of ups and downs, many which were chronicle in last years post.

For this year I want to focus on what I’m thankful for first.

What I’m Thankful For

1) I am thankful that this year (on April 26, 2014) I got married to the love of my life, Rebecca. We had a beautiful wedding in Palm Harbor, Florida with our close friends and family. It was an incredible day and she was stunning in her white dress.

2) I’m thankful God sent her my way and I’m grateful she fell in love with the real me. Even though I was struggling again with my weight she never judged me. She has been a support for me and called me out when needed, but she has been my rock through some of my darkest moments.

3) I am thankful for my business, which has provided me with a wonderful income for the last several years. Even though we went through a rough patch, we are back on track and looking to accomplish big things this year and next.

4) I am thankful that Rebecca and I are buying our first house in just a matter of days. We are closing on our dream home in Trinity, FL on July 9th, 2014… just 5 days from now. I’ve never understood it, but for some reason July is an incredible time of year for me. I started this blog on July 4th. I wen tot final casting in July. I got skin removal surgery in the beginning of July. My episode aired in July. Rebecca and I became “official” in July. And now, I am closing on my first home in July. Maybe that’s also why I love Independence Day so much!

5) I am thankful for my Mom, my sister, my brother, and my entire family for loving me through thick and thin… no matter what. I am so blessed to have the family that I have.

Now, time to talk about what I have been putting off. My food addiction has officially taken me over again. I am afraid to get on the scale to see the numbers. I know I will NOT be happy. I am getting back to where I was before the show. I feel sometimes like it was all in vain, but I know it wasn’t.

I know that God has a plan for me, but I think I fell off that plan the last year as far as my weight goes. I know what I have to do, which is to give my addiction back over to Him and let it all go. I need to make the right choices and do the right things. It’s very painful for me to write this, but the real culprit is me. I once again took over thinking I could “control” my behavior, when it’s so obvious that I can’t.

In just the past few weeks I have been thinking about returning to OA ( and confessing to my shortcomings, but I’ve been putting it off. Finally, I can put it off no longer. I am going back this Tuesday.

I know that I need to get back on track first and foremost for me and my health. Then, for everyone else.I do not want to let this addiction control me any longer. I have goals to accomplish and books to write and people to inspire. If you’re reading this please do me a favor and pray for me throughout the year as you think about it.

It does my heart well to know there are people out there praying.

I am a very strong person and with God’s help I can accomplish anything. He is my source and I need to once again turn this area of “food” over to Him. And I am doing that now.

To all of the people who have written me over the past 2 years… thank you so much! I don’t usually write back because I am so busy but I want you to know I read what you say and it means the world to me. Whether you are writing to encourage me or share you story or just say hi, it is very precious to me.

Thank you all so much and may God bless you. Maybe this year I’ll post a little bit more giving updates on my journey.


Happy Independence Day! It’s 2013!!

July 4th, 2013 by

It’s amazing to me how fast a year can go when you take a moment to look back at it. Exactly 1 year and two days ago, my episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition aired on ABC. My Facebook was slammed with friend requests, messages, comments, and a whole lot of excitement.

I poured my heart out on this blog, sharing my struggles, my demons, my issues… all the things that really were eating away at me from the inside. I got to be interviewed on the radio in my local market and just experience a lot of really cool stuff that most people don’t get to.

And I have to say, it was all amazing. I did things I never thought I could do, both on the show and after.

It was exactly a year ago today I took the most beautiful girl in the world on a date with me to see a fireworks show. That night, we held hands and watched an amazing fireworks display in Clearwater, Florida while an orchestra played amazing music. It’s one of my favorite memories. A week after that, Rebecca and I became a couple, officially. So, next week we’ll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

I started a new internet business that has taken off and done quite well. It’s had lots of ups and downs, but we are making great progress and this should be our best year yet.

But, with the good comes the bad. And this is the hardest part for me to write. I’ve again succumbed to my food addiction. I guess they call it a relapse. I was doing so good, but I believe I let myself think I was the one responsible for my success. I slowly began to rely on my own strength. The weight has crept back up and I am NOT happy about it, of course.

I’ve got a journey ahead of me still, and nothing pains me more than realizing that I have to climb my way back out of a hole. But, if anyone can do it, it’s me. I’ve continued to struggle with this issue for so long now, there are times where it gets really hard. Really discouraging. I know the problem though, and it’s that I turned towards myself instead of continuing on the path I was on.

As I read over my posts from last year, I see it so clear. I can’t believe I let myself return to some of my old habits.

There is good news though! I am not close to my old high weight… and I do a much better job of at least controlling myself sometimes. But, it’s not where I want to be and it definitely doesn’t make me feel good. I think in the past I was always so focused on wanting to help others, inspire others, be there for others… that I ended up not really focusing on me.

My whole year on the show, I felt like I was doing it because I thought it would be good for other people to see it. The only time I really felt like I was my true self was last year when I was 100% food sober. And that’s what I need to get back to. I am coming out clean with all this because I would love your support and your help as I get back on track.

I love this day so much because it’s all about independence. It’s all about being free. And this year, again, I want to stake my claim of independence. I want to push myself back to where I know I can be. And I would invite you to join me.

I’m not naive enough to believe I’m the only one struggling with weight and food. I share my ups and downs because I want to be more honest about the journey. It’s easy to jump up and shout the victories. What’s difficult is asking for help and support when you need it most.

So, if you’re reading this, please feel free to let me know where you’re at right now on your journey. This is a judgement free zone, there are no stones here.

I am encouraged by the fact that I did inspire so many people with my show. I know it’s weird because I’m not at that same weight. But it does feel good to get the messages and the comments from people who saw what I was able to accomplish.

I know there are people who took what I did and used it as inspiration to accomplish their own goals. And for that, I am forever grateful I was able to be a part of that. My journey continues. I’m starting counseling to really dig deep and focus on my issues and addiction to food.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. But, I must continue pressing on and hopefully along the way I’ll find some information to share with you.

Thank you for reading this post and Happy Independence Day. Let’s remember that today is about freedom. Freedom to do what we want and freedom from the things that hold us back.




Helping Ricky

August 26th, 2012 by

As some of you may know, I will begin working very soon with an awesome guy named Ricky who is committing to lose a lot of weight. While with me, Ricky has vowed to lose 120 pounds in the next 90 days.

He is giving up everything for 3 months to totally focus on getting healthier. He weighs over 500 pounds and is such a fighter. I am honored to get the chance to work with him.

Being that he is leaving his job for 3 months (as well as his wife and rest of his family) he is in need of any support he can get. If you want to give anything at all, please send a donation by going here:

Ricky is really a great guy and deserves a chance at a regular life. Together, we can help him save his life and accomplish his dreams.




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