A Quick Note

I have reason to believe that the launch of the new and improved OnlyOneMike.com will be very very soon. Check back often and be looking for lots of new content over the next few months. I really have been holding back on talking too much about this site until the new design is up.

If you feel like getting involved with the new “launch” of this site, wait till the new look is revealed (probably less than a week) and then lets start telling everyone we can. I give my time to this site because I believe in helping others and see great potential in everyone out there. It is my sincere desire to help anyone achieve the goals they have set forth in life.

This site is merely an extension of the work I do in “real life” and I will continue to spread the message of possibility as long as I live. A fantastic thing happens when destiny meets purpose and I believe that is where I am right now and all of us are involved in this. I want to hear from you, hear your stories, your goals, aspirations and dreams.

Please submit some of your original material as well, and I’ll post what I feel correlates with the other articles on here. If you want to get heard this is a good place to start. I’ve been averaging about 4,000 unique visitors per month and I’ve only been around for 2 months! So send in those articles and let’s get the word out on OnlyOneMike.com once the new look is unveiled!

Be blessed in all you do,



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