Expanding The Box

Many people think the best way to explode their business is to think “outside the box”. While this is a great idea, I think there is a better way. Thinking outside the box has now become a cliche statement, but when it first arrived on the scene it was a groundbreaking discovery.

One of the areas I first began to think outside the box with was Real Estate Investment. I actually purchased a Doctor’s Office for no money down and 4% interest. The PITI each month was only $648 while the rent we received was $1350. Had I not been thinking outside the box, I never could have made this happen.

When I started marketing on the internet, I spent a lot of time thinking outside the box. The first time I made money online (besides Adsense) was when I promoted the 6M PROFIT METHOD by Lisa Diane. Lisa has done a great job creating tools for her affiliates to use. We had Adwords Ads, keywords, website copy, emails…all sorts of things. But I found out quickly that following the crowd wasn’t always the most profitable.

So, instead of using the ads being used by everyone else, I wrote my own ad. Instead of using the keywords everyone else was I found my own. I started marketing and spent a total of $2.48. And I made a sale…which netted me $548.50. How’s that for a return on investment? 😉

So, what’s this idea about expanding the box? Expanding the box means that you take what once was considered outside the box and expand the box so it becomes the new norm. Expanding the box is what Revolutionaries do, no matter what the field. Even though you might not see it now, we are living in an expanded box.

Years ago, the internet was nothing more than a tool for spreading information for military and educational purposes…now it’s used everyday to generate money for both large and small businesses. In 1997 being on the internet was a luxury, in 2007 its a necessity.

So, what about you? In what areas can you expand the box? What is your business? What is your model of business? Are you living inside the box? Outside the box? Are you working towards expanding the box? It’s up to you, really.

Boxes were meant to expand, to grow, to change. It’s up to you to find your own path and grow. As you move along in the journey, you will find that people will follow. Maybe friends, family, or even complete strangers will start doing what you do because you’ve made it part of the box.

I have lots more to on expanding the box, but this is a good place to start.

Leave your feedback or questions about box expanding.


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