How To Fail Your Way To Success

Failure is not an option, it’s an outcome. Basically, life is a set of failures, each one leading us closer and closer to a predetermined outcome of our choice. Allow me to explain further.

How many people try anything grand? How many people take the risk to be something more, do something great, or achieve something extraordinary. The real answer is not many. Most people have the desire to leave behind a legacy, but lack the courage to take action.

Not everyone is called to such things, but some are. Are you? I have often wondered about my own life and what I’m exactly here to do. I’m not here to get by, I know that for sure. I’m not here to make it to the weekend so I can enjoy myself.

As a matter of fact, I’m not even here for myself. I’m here for others. I’m here to make them happy, to show them there is a better way to live, if they want to follow the path. But the problem is too many people are afraid. That’s right. They’re afraid they aren’t going to succeed.

Really, they’re scared of what they perceive to be a dirty 4 letter world. F A I L.

They fear failure. They think it’s something that means they were wrong, they screwed up, and it’s over. But what I believe failure is…is so so much more than that.

Failure is the process by which success happens.

Failure is a stepping stone to greatness. Most anyone who ever did great things first failed greatly as something. What have you failed lately?

I’ve heard it said Einstein failed math. Edison “failed” with the light bulb thousands of times, and the list goes on.

Here, look at this video – Famous Failures

If you’re out there reading this and you want to do, be, or have something more than GO FOR IT. The only way to succeed is to take action.

Someone said the hardest part of doing something is doing it. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

I leave you with this quote:

The Mansion Of Success Is Built On The Foundation Of Failure


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