How to Maintain A Positive Attitude When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

When things are going great it is so easy to keep that positive attitude. It’s extremely easy to smile that big knowing smile when you’re in the midst of seeing exactly what you want to happen actually happen. But what about when things aren’t going your way? What do you do when things don’t look good. What do you say when your life isn’t “manifesting” what you hoped it would?

I have learned a little trick to keep myself focuses and positive even when I don’t necessarily feel like it. What I do is this: I look past the current events and focus instead on the goal and desire I have to press through. Let me give you an example.

This past month things at my store have been really rough. We have major construction going on downtown. For almost a week, no cars could even get within a quarter mile of the store. We had days without power or phone lines, and just all sorts of problems. I had to explain why sales were low to my reps and work on a plan to get myself out of the hole I was in.

So, I made some changes at the store and started spending more time with my manager thinking of things we can do to drum up business. I had to let some people go and am looking for some new people as well. Instead of letting myself get down and wonder why things weren’t going right, I looked for what good there was and started thinking of ways to make things better.

Another important thing to do is to not narrow your thinking. If things aren’t going good in one area of your life, don’t let it carry over into other areas. It’s important to separate your actions from your feelings. Don’t get caught up with negatiave feelings. Don’t let them affect other areas of your life.

I’m keeping this entry short and sweet. I got a micriphone just the other day, so be looking for my very first podcast coming up here in just a few days!


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