July 4th 2011 – 5 Years Later!!

Amazing. That’s all I can say. Life is a journey and right now I’m loving the journey I’m on. It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago today I started a little blog called OnlyOneMike. Looking back, the name is a little pompous haha. But, I guess it worked for me then. I don’t update here anymore, just once a year on Independence Day in the United States.And I like it that way. That’s not to say I won’t update this blog and turn it back on at some point. I mean, it is pretty old and it has some history to it. I guess we’ll see. :DSo, just to update on what’s been going on… remember when I said this last year?

If all goes well, this time next year when I update I’ll be a completely new person.

Well, everything did go well. And as I write this I am a completely new person. Sadly, I STILL can’t go into all the details… I know, not very nice. But, hey, tell you what… the second I can tell you I will. I won’t make you wait an entire year! See, maybe this is my subconscious way of returning to this blog and getting back to my personal development roots.I have lots of new goals now. I want to become a personal development and weight loss (HINT!) speaker. I want to share what I’ve learned and hopefully learn from others as I travel the world sharing my story. I know God can help make that happen, and I’m excited for the opportunity.So, now I sit and look at my life as I do every 4th of July. It’s a sort of “fiscal year” end date for me. I love this day because it represents so much to me. It’s more than just a holiday, that’s for sure. It’s more than fireworks and BBQ, family and friends… it’s FREEDOM.And beyond that, it means that we all have the chance (at least in this country) to pursue our wishes with wild abandonment and go after life with gusto. We don’t have to settle for what we don’t want – we can chase our dreams with determination. You get the idea, right? ;)I don’t want to turn this yearly update into a ramble, so I’ll close with this.5 years ago today I wrote a blog post on an UGLY blog page I had setup on my own. It took me a week to get the blog setup, that’s why I started my first official post on the 4th of July 2006! From that one single action, my entire life changed and I sit today with a whole new life.That’s the power of choice… and the power of change. It can happen for anyone, even you. Just be willing to try something different, something you haven’t done before and the world can open up to you.I can’t wait to update you with lots of great new information and pictures! Now that I’ve written this much, I think it may be time for me to bring this blog back! Hmm, I’ll be thinking about it over the next few months.I’m gonna find out next week about something REALLY BIG in my life. It’s something I desperately need. If I get this, I will be eternally changed forever. It’s that important. So I’m sending out a digital prayer to the Man upstairs… help me out on this one – I really need it!!And to my reader:Thanks for reading this and may this next year see YOU achieve your dreams!


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