I am involved in quite a few businesses, here they are...

I either own or consult for equity on a number of interesting businesses. I can’t disclose all of them, but here’s a list of some of them. Not all are currently ready for public consumption. I’ll be sharing articles and behind the scenes stories about each of these companies on my blog.

Current List Of Companies: (in no particular order)

BPO – This is a business process outsource management company. We provide marketing, sales, programming/design and customer service for several large vendors in the training and education space. – This is a site for fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, my favorite football team. It’s a small site, but is slowly gaining traction. It’s designed to be a curation site where we share current stories about the team.

MIDS – This company offers merchant processing solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

Spill The Ink – This site is in development. It’s a site for writers and authors. It’s my baby and been in my head since 2009. Along with a couple of partners, we are working to make it a reality.

Sunbelt – This company focuses on buying both performing and non-performing notes, primarily focused on bank notes. Working with hedge funds and banking institutions, we purchase these notes and do our best to work with the owner of the home towards an amicable solution.

Secret Insurance Company – Oh the sexy world of Life Insurance! I am beginning to work on a new company that provides a very special kind of life insurance policy. This is a great business because it’s unlike anything I’ve done before. Also, there is a lot of upside in creating a business that generates a plethora of high-quality insurance leads.

Pixx  – Pixx is an awesome business idea whose time may not have come yet. So, what do we do? We pivot. Pixx offers Google Adwords and Facebook PPC management services to a few different industries.

Drop The Mic – This is my comedy podcast that I do with my good friend Lem. It’s a chance for me to unwind and goof off. We release episodes every 2 weeks or so and are slowly building a following. Even though it’s more of a hobby than a business, I still treat it like one. You can also read more about it here on my blog. (UPDATE: This podcast is currently inactive, but may return in limited form at some point.)




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