The Finishing Touch

Personal development is just that…personal. Each of us changes at our own pace, and no two people are the same. So don’t expect there to be a definite course of action for you to make changes in your life. You see, often I get asked this question:

What can I do to have more self discipline?

Interesting question, to say the least. Usually I just sort of nod at the person and smile. I think they really expect me to give them some sort of a short answer that is quickly and easily going to change their entire lives! Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for self-discipline. If there was, trust me, I’d be selling the course right now and make a mint doing it!

No, instead self-discipline is a meticulous journey, it’s path cleared daily by the decisions we make. I’m not suggesting that we either have self discipline or not, but what I am saying is that it is something that is both learned and earned.

I have given up all forms of beverage now except good old H20…water. If I find a way to keep drinking even water, I’ll let you know. 🙂 Anyway, this wasn’t a choice I made overnight. I started by giving up regular soda and switching to diet. Next, I cut out diet soda and started drinking Crystal Light. One day I ran out of Crystal Light, and just started drinking water. That was sometime ago, probably 4 months or more now.

The point is, it wasn’t hard. It was progressive and therefore manageable. If you have something you want to change in your life you don’t need more self-discipline, you need a plan.

Start with something easy and develop a plan you know you can follow. Systematically follow the plan and you’ll find yourself attaining it in no time.

And as far as self-discipline goes, you’ll find controlling your actions gets easier and easier when you get a few successful achievements accomplished. So, get out there and start achieving!


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