Are You Invincible?

Last night I was taking a break from
my online work, so I decided to sit
down and watch the movie Invincible
starring Mark Wahlberg.The movie is based on the true story
of Vince Papale, a bar tender turned
NFL star in 1976 Philadelphia.

This average guy showed up for an
open tryout to become a Philadelphia

He had only played football with his
friends growing up, he didn’t even
play college football!

So, when the tryouts began, no one
gave him a chance.

Amazingly, he made it past the first
day, then the second, and then the

Then came training camp, and pre-

The rest of the team rode Papale
hard. They treated him like a
second class citizen, taking
shots at him whenever they had
the chance.

——————–BUT THEN—————–

Something incredible happened. Despite all
the odds, all the criticism from friends and
peers, Vince Papale made the final cut and
became a Philadelphia Eagle.

But that’s not even the craziest part. Vince
Papale was 30 years old. The average player
in the NFL starts at 22 years old.

And here was a guy who was 8 years behind
and still fought hard and made the team.

Now my challenge to you is this –

What can you do in your life that no one
else thinks you can?

What one dream do you have that you
haven’t achieved?

Do you like your current job? Do you
want something more, something

My whole life changed when I made a
daring decision. I sold my Cell Phone
business and started working full
time as an internet marketer.

Since then I’ve made more money
than I thought possible.

But I couldn’t have done it without
knowledge. I had to learn “how” to
make money online.


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