Goals And Prophetic Journaling

I have written before on the topic of prophetic journaling. I want to cover the idea a little bit more in depth here. To read my first entry on Prophetic Journaling Click Here.

So, if you remember Prophetic Journaling is a tool I’ve created to help organize, conceive, and achieve goals. The basic premise is this: Start by deciding on what you want out of life. The biggest problem I see people making is that they don’t know what they want, and therefore they don’t get anything.

It’s impossible to hit a target you don’t see. Just try to close your eyes, get spun around 3 times and shoot an arrow at a target. You wouldn’t know where the target was, what the target looked like, or if there was even a target to hit. Yet many of us approach life this way.

With Prophetic Journaling, you’re basically creating the frame work for what you want your life to be. Most of the super successful people out there know a secret. This secret has been keeping them ahead of the rest of us since time began. It’s nothing new, it’s been talked about and taught for years. The only problem is that most of us hear the principle and then don’t act on it.

If you’ve read any of my previous work, you already know what I’m going to say.

As you think, so you’ll be.

Such a short sentence, I know. But behind those 6 words lies the greatest fundamental truth to human achievement. The things we think about most end up being the things we bring into our life. The fancy way of saying this is called “Intention-Manifestation.”

That basically means that when we create a thought (an intention), we are sending out into the universe a request for that thought to come true. When it does come true (manifestation) we have achieved our goal. The sad part is that we use this principle all the time to get the things we want. Maybe we think we deserve to be broke, or we deserve to have bad relationships, limited emotional experiences, or to be overweight.

For a long time I thought I was just meant to be fat. As long as I thought that, I was going to stay that way. It wasn’t until I changed the way I thought that I was able to start down the path of becoming physically fit. Like I said before, I’ve now lost 90 pounds. I have a long way to go still, but I know now that I’ll reach my goal. I have it planned out methodically and with systematically.

There are 3 important factors you must come to accept when it comes to setting goals. The first one is the most important, but the other 2 come in a close 2nd and 3rd. Basically, any of these without the others will not work. You MUST apply all 3 of these to achieve maximum effectiveness.

1) You must accept that your goals are alive, real, and an extension of yourself

2) You must believe that the goals you write down will come to fruition

3) You must be open to changing, modifying, and altering your goals as your circumstances change and you are presented with new information.

Goals are real. They exist and cannot be forgotten about at the whim of the goal creator. When you take the time to write down your goals, you are transferring that energy from your mind to a piece of paper. This energy comes from you and is therefore a part of you. Your goals are you. You have placed them in an easy to read format so you can continually spark your mind with the words you have chosen.

Remember that your written goals are symbolic messages your brain uses to “see” the outcome you want in your mind’s eye. This is important.

Next, you have to believe that what you write down will happen. This is paramount to your success. When you write down your goal, you are sending an intention out into the universe. You are saying that you have committed to making this goal a reality. Hold on to this belief and read the goal out loud everyday. Doing this will ensure the outcome you are looking for.

Finally, you must be ready to change your goals when it becomes obvious the time has come to change them. How will you know? It’s simple really. You may start out with a goal to be or do something, but as you grow each day you begin to feel that you no longer want to do that anymore. You will know because you won’t feel the excitement you once did when you read the goal every day. It’s like an automatic alarm letting you know it’s time to change.

Please refer to the more in depth article on Prophetic Journaling to understand the exact prccess.


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