The Anatomy of a High Converting Newsletter

Newsletter subscriptions have functioned as a highly effective educational and informative marketing tool for businesses, organizations, and enterprises for longer than the Internet has existed. Mail subscriptions to print newsletters helped keep tabs on customers while showcasing the latest products … Continue Reading

How Do I Know My Blog Post Is Good Enough?

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Click Publish

I received a great question in regards to last weeks blog post. It comes from someone I’ve known for a while. Her name is April. Here’s the question:

Hey Mike! My biggest issue tends to come with actually writing

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How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Here's my simple formula for coming up with blog post topics

Unfortunately, I have a LOT going on this week so this post won’t be as long as some of my previous novellas. 😉 I am sure some of you are pumping your fists in excitement. I always set a goal … Continue Reading

3 Proven Principles Of The Achiever

How to get out of your way and get things done

This post will be a short and sweet one. Straight to the point. I’m an achiever, I love accomplishing goals and getting things done. I’m often asked how I get so much done in so little time. I’ve broken it … Continue Reading

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

How one post gets me 600 visitors per month

I want to share with you a quick strategy to increase your blog traffic. And instead of theory, I will show you a real example of something I’ve done here on my blog. In full disclosure, this didn’t happen … Continue Reading

5 Copywriting Hacks To Sell More With Your Words

How To Turn Your Written Words Into Your Best Salesperson

Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well. – Robin Sharma

Ever heard of copywriting?

If you aren’t sure what it is, let me give you the most famous definition. Copywriting is salesmanship in print. It just means … Continue Reading