Can Thoughts Affect Reality?

The last few days I’ve been dealing with the issue of reality, what is real, and existence. A lot of more questions appeared when I watched the film “What the Bleep?” It’s about the Quantum Physics of thought and reality. The movie basically presents the concept that our thoughts have an affect on reality. More than that really, let me explain…

Pretty much everyone knows that thoughts happen before actions. If you think about it, everything begins with a thought and ends up as an action. Thought is the precursor to action. If I “think” I want a glass of water, that thought leads me to getting up, walking to the fridge and getting the water. Sounds basic enough right? Here’s where it gets trippy.

What if my thoughts could affect physical things without me taking the action to make it happen. In my previous example my thoughts caused me to take action (ie getting up and getting the drink) but what if my thoughts caused others to take action, or what if they caused matter to change? I know this sounds crazy, but listen to this.

A study was done on water by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Masaru Emoto. Using a powerful microscrope he took pictures of water at the molecular level. These pictures showed the crystals that formed the water. He would then write certain words we commonly associate with certain emotions on the water. He used the words Love and Peace, and the phrase “You make me sick I want to kill you.”

He placed these words around bottles of water and waited 24 hours. He then took pictures and was amazed by the results. The positve words have a positive effect on the look of the crystals, while the negative phrase caused the water crystals to be deformed and dark. He repeated the same proccess with music and visual stimuli. Each time, the crystals that formed were changed by the words, music, or visual stimuli used on the water. Read more about it here.
The great problem is this. If thoughts can affect the structure of water, and our bodies are at least 75% water, what does that mean for us? Is it possible that spewing anger/hate/malice/rage/etc. towards others creates poison in our bodies? Is there truly a connection between what we think and how we feel?

I’m beginning to lean a lot more towards answering yes to that question. As science continues to advance, I think we’ll be more and more amazed at the things we learn about our brains.

So taking this new theory of thought creating reality I decided that I wanted to have a test. I’ll tell you exactly what happened. I was leaving someone’s house and told them that if my thoughts could affect reality then I was going to see a firefighter sometime within 24 hours. I didn’t feel like I chose that, it was more like I just sensed that was the right thing to look for.

I left the person’s house pretty late at night (3am) and before I had even gotten out of the neighborhood I saw a Firetruck driven by 2 firefighters barreling right pass me. The funny thing was that it didn’t mean anything to me right then. It wasn’t until I woke up the next day that I realized what had happened.

The real bizarre thing is that it was extremely late on a Sunday night and I had just said I wanted to see a Firefighter. So within 45 minutes of thinking all this it happened. Is it just a coincidence or is there something more to it.

After talking to another friend, we came up with 3 possibilities.

1) Coincidence – It just happened and it doesn’t mean anything.

2) I thought it into existence. By telling myself I wanted to see a Firefighter, the universe set into motion a set of actions that would bring a firefighter in my path.

3) I was already going to see a Firefighter and somehow I used some sort of ESP (extra sensory perception) to foresee that I would see a Firefighter so that’s why I chose to see a Firefighter.

The second reason is interesting to think about. Is it possible that me wishing to see a Firefighter caused someone’s house to catch fire? Or for someone to have a heart attack? I don’t believe that my thoughts for good would cause anything bad like that to happen. I believe that perhaps the FireFighters came for some other reason. Maybe they were on a test run, or just bored and out driving. I think it’s unfair to always assume a negative reason when just as likely the reason could be positive or neutral.

The last reason seems plausible if you believe in ESP. I don’t have an official opinion on the topic, though I have had some experience with other people doing some pretty interesting things.

I hope your head is spinning right now as much as mine. The important thing is to not be afraid to think outside the box and question some things. We have yet to untap the vast amount of power our brains have. I’m going to be digging deeper into this topic in the next few weeks and I invite you to get involved. Look into some of these ideas and read read read. I want to hear your views way more than I want to say mine.


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