How To Awaken The Writer Within

OK, I’ll admit. I market products on the internet. Most of the time when I write to you I have an ulterior motive. Yes, in the back of my mind, somewhere deep in my psyche, I believe that maybe…just maybe…you might want to buy something from me.

There, I said it! Now I feel one thousand times better. I remember a conversation I had with Alex Mandossian a couple months ago where he shared what he tells people to get them to sign up for his teleseminars. He basically tells his prospects that’s he’s going to do his best to try and persuade you to buy his product. How’s that for honesty, huh?

Anyway, why am I saying all this? What’s my point?

Before you read the rest of the story, listen to this short audio:


One year ago I hadn’t yet made one penny online, except a few cents from Google Adsense. I then started promoting a product and did quite well with it. I then promoted another product, and did VERY well. Then this year, things started exploding! I made over $3,000 in a single day. Once, in about 2 weeks time I generated over $68,000. Not bad, if I do say so myself.


I have a secret weapon. I have something that most people don’t have.

All the time people ask me, what’s the difference between you and me? How come whenever I try to sell something online, I end up getting nowhere! Why does everything I try just NOT WORK!

There is an answer to that, and it lies in what you’re reading right now. WORDS! That’s the truth. That’s my secret weapon. I use words to motivate people (maybe even you) to take action. I’ve been given a gift to write, and to write pretty well.

Even when I was a kid, teachers would commend me on my writing. Once, I was even accused of plagiarizing because the teacher couldn’t possibly believe I wrote such a “smart” sounding essay. I had to have my teacher from the year before vouch for me!!

But, I know you don’t care about all that. You want to know why I’m sharing this with you and what in the world it has to do with you. Well, let me be frank.

You’re never going to make money online, if you don’t write well. 99% of marketing is writing. From preparing your sales letter, crafting your email follow-up, even finding potential JV partners, you MUST be able to write. Now, I’m not saying you have to be an Ernest Hemingway…but you must know some fundamentals.

So, I thought what better way to improve your writing then to get taught by a New York Times Best Selling Author? I don’t know if you’ve tried lately, by finding a Best-Selling author isn’t easy. They aren’t exactly out there looking for work, because, well, they have plenty going on already.

But, I kept my eyes open and guess what? I found one! His name is Jim McMullen and he’s the NY Best Selling Author of the book Cry Of The Panther. His book actually spent some time at the # 16 spot!! Not bad for a book most people though wouldn’t even get published.

I wanted Jim to share some of his secrets with you. He reveals the EXACT strategies he used to write his HIT book, as well as inspiration and motivation to create your own published book if you so choose.

His method reveals how you can write:

  • Fiction Books/Novels
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Short Stories
  • Screenplays
  • Scripts
  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • E-books
  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Articles
  • Information Guides
  • Even Advertisements!

I used his methods to improve my Copywriting, email marketing, and even increase my business bottom line.

And the best part is, he doesn’t make you do boring writing exercises, or think about grammar, vocabulary, and all the mundane stuff you learned in 8th grade. He shares time-tested secrets that really and truly Awaken The Writer Within yourself. And once this happens, you’ll be amazed and blown away by how easy it is to write.

If you wanted to, you could use his secrets to write your own completed book in less than 30 days.

So, if you are looking for:

How to write a book
Writing tips
Improve your writing
Write Sales Letters
Write Better Copy
Make money with your writing
Make money blogging
Create story ideas
Tap into the writer inside you
Even write articles, dissertations, ebooks,
essays, whatever!

Then Jim McMullen’s Awaken The Writer Within is for you!

It wasn’t easy but right now I’ve convinced Jim to give away one of his Ebooks, entitled:

“The 7 Power Secrets To Turn Your Words Into Wealth”

It’s yours free, right now. Just visit the link below now:


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