If You Fail To Plan…Well, You Know The Rest

Last night I stayed late at my office working on the
projects of the coaching program I’m involved with.

See – I do work!

Anyway, my brother Mark had a genius idea. He
asked if he could use my car to go play basketball
with a bunch of his friends.

His car is pretty small and couldn’t hold everyone.

After much debate and deliberation, I said yes and
off he went.

I was now trapped at the office though.

About an hour later, my brother shows up with
two of his friends in 2 different cars. The only
problem? My car is nowhere to be seen.

Through questioning I found out that Mark
had left my car at his friend’s house and
instead opted to take his friends Hummer.

The main problem here lies in planning. I
was stuck at the office waiting for a ride
from anyone who would pick me up while
my car sat 4 miles away and somebody
else’s house.

Surely somebody could have planned it
out a little better?

So what’s the point?

I believe a lot of people who want to quit
their jobs and work from home don’t
spend the time they need to planning.

Proper planning is the key to success
and achieving your goals.

When I’m planning a new project, I plan
the strategy first and foremost. I think
through the idea of the project and
what might possibly come up.

But it’s also important to remember that
you can’t plan forever.

Once your comfortable with your plan,
take action. Not taking action is a sure-
fire failure plan.

Making money online isn’t a game. It’s
a process which takes practice, experience
and planning.

And I know you can do it if you REALLY
want to.

Oh yeah – I finally got a ride home…nearly
3 hours later.

At least my brother had fun playing
basketball. 🙂


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