Observations About College

I started today at the University of South Florida. I’m taking a scaled back approach and only taking 12 hours this semester, mainly so I can leverage my financial aid money into other areas. Also, I decided that with owning one store and opening a 2nd next week, I might not be able to devote enough time to taking more than 12 hours.

I must say now I’m not so sure. After today’s 2 classes I feel like I could have taken 25 hours this semester. There is so much wasted time and mindless paperwork. I really thought I’d be learning amazing new things and now I’m beginning to think that perhaps I’m just working for a piece of paper.

Taking 12 hours is gonna be pretty easy, I shouldn’t even have any homework to do at home, I’ll do it all in class and in between. I think too many people don’t maximize every opportunity like they should. I’ll write more later on tips and tricks that I’m using to get more done with less time.

I look forward to a rewarding semester all the same, and of course, I plan to make straight A’s! Wish me luck…(if you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know it’s not about luck really…)


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