The Pursuit of Happyness…The Story of Chris Gardener

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I am feeling very refreshed after my mini-vacation the last couple of days. I went to Orlando and witnessed Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. It was a blast and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Christmas and Mickey Mouse!

I got back last evening and spent today “recovering” from my trip. In the afternoon I took a little break and went and saw The Pursuit of Happyness. For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, I’ll tell you.

It’s a movie based on the true life story of Chris Gardener, a once homeless man turned multi-millioniare. Chris Gardener is played by Will Smith and Will Smith’s real life son plays Chris Gardener’s son in the movie.

I won’t spoil the details of The Pursuit of Happyness, but I will say this. The story teaches many lessons about what it takes to be a success. Chris Gardener had every excuse in the world to give up, quit, or not even try.

Everyday we are given “ways out”. We are constantly faced with the decision to continue on or give up. Sometimes we make wrong choices and are left to deal with those consequences, but that’s ok. That is how we learn and grow.

Chris Gardener was homeless, broke, jobless, and car-less…he had every right to just sit back and complain about his situation. Instead he focused on what he did have…intelligence and dedication. He used those two assets to work his way up the stock broker world and….

I’ll stop there and let you watch the movie yourself. But, if you’re out there right now and using excuses, don’t do it. It won’t help you in any way. The people who succeed do so in spite of their circumstances, not because of them.

Find your niche in life and never quit learning. You are capable of more than you ever thought possible.

Now, go to the theater and watch The Pursuit of Happyness. The story of Chris Gardener is truly inspirational and life changing.


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