Why Every Business Owner Needs A Master Copywriter

This is a common question asked by bloggers who run their own website. Sometimes website owners will be involved in the day-to-day operations of their business, so they don’t have time for copywriting. They simply don’t have time to think about content marketing and optimizing it for search engines, social media, and their audience. But, things have changed so much over the years that you can freelance a “master copywriter” to take care of the nitty-gritty. If you have been blogging for years, then you know the importance of writing valuable content for your audience. However, if you just started online then you might NOT yet recognize the importance of having a master copywriter. Before I continue, here are two quick stats –

“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing tactics while still generating 3x more leads! That’s why content marketing is on the path to becoming a $300 billion industry by 2019.”

So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for years or just starting out because you need a master copywriter no matter what. Today, we’ll be exploring what a master copywriter can do for your business and why you should start to implement one into your marketing immediately.

1) Master of Research

That’s right! No progress can be made online without research. You need to know what keywords to target and who your audience is before you can even start to put together an action plan. Several years back, you didn’t have to spend time researching because content writing didn’t have to be targeted. You didn’t have to worry about the keywords used in your content because search engines weren’t sophisticated enough to pick up on them anyway. Google changed the game enormously by putting an emphasis on sophistication and giving the person searching control. For example, search engines have been tweaked to provide targeted results based on the user input. But, this means you need to be creative in how you construct your content. You need to focus on targeted keywords, so your content will appear in the search results. With that said,

A master copywriter knows how to perform research related to your business. A master copywriter will tweak your content, so it appears for specific keywords whenever a search is performed online. They even know what tools to use and what areas to focus on.

Reason#1 – a master copywriter knows how to perform research and utilizes the right keywords in your content. This helps market your content in search engines.     

2) Master of Content Optimization

Content optimization is very important to build awareness within search engines. By optimizing your content, you get to pinpoint the people you want to target and attract to your blog. For example, above we talked about how keyword research is important and how it allows you to target specific searches done in Google. But, for your content to appear in the search results, you need to make sure keywords are placed in the right locations. Did you know it’ s been proven the keyword ratio to content text should equal 3%-4%? This means you should scatter both target and related keywords in your content, so it equals roughly 3%-4% of the entire document. Many people who are just starting out in blogging don’t know this, but master copywriters will.

”Master copywriters” know where to place the keywords you are targeting, something, that’s hard for you because you’re just starting out in the industry. For example, they know to pay closer attention to the following –

Headline – a copywriter will ensure that your target keyword is placed in the headline of your content. They’ll know how to obey by the character limit and make sure the keyword is placed in just the right location.

URL – it’s important the keyword is placed in the URL of your webpage. This is known as the permalink and a copywriter will make sure the permalink has been optimized for search engines.

Description – a master copywriter knows the importance of placing related keywords in the meta-description. This is a section seen by those skimming through the search results. It’s important you have the right keywords in the meta-description and a master copywriter can help achieve this.

Content Body – probably the most important area you need to optimize before publishing your content. This is where you need the right keywords so during the indexing process you rank for the right keywords. Again, the ratio is anywhere from 3%-4% for both targeted and related keywords. A master copywriter will optimize the body of your content correctly.

Reason#2 – a master copywriter will optimize your content for search engines and people. A master copywriter knows where to place your target and related keywords to increase CTR.     

3) Master of Conversions

When referring to conversions, I’m talking about increasing your overall click-through rate. The highest possible CTR is achieved through the search results because that’s where people find your content. The key  is to standout when displayed with 9 others on the search results page. I know for you it might be hard to understand visibility and what increases CTR, but for a master copywriter, this is something they have been learning for years. Here’s an example,

Think about the elements you’re looking for when skimming through the search results after typing in a query. You’re looking for the specific keywords in the title and description. You’re also looking for specific keywords like “top”, “amazing”, “how-to”, etc…right? A master copywriter can help tweak these element’s, so you stand out in the search results compared to your competition who are ranking for the same keywords. The fact you can outshine your competition in the search results will ensure you’re achieving a higher conversion rate than before. This will attract a new audience to your blog and build brand awareness too.

Reason#3 – majority of conversions will come from organic searches. A master copywriter will optimize your content, so it stands out in the search engines. You’ll outshine your competition so people searching will click-through to your content, not your competitors.

4) Master of Generating Leads

Generating leads can be done in many forms. For example, you can generate leads through your content, paid PPC or even a pop-up landing page. The option you select is determined by how fast you want these leads. Personally, I recommend having a high converting landing page to collect subscribers and generate conversions. The faster you generate leads, the faster you can convert. However, collecting leads through a landing page does take time and requires enormous testing. You’re testing the headlines, images, form fields, bullet-points and the colors. This is a lot of work for someone who has no experience in landing page optimization, especially, in copywriting. But, as mentioned you do have other options and that’s to hire a “master copywriter” to take over to help generate leads. From my experience, a master copywriter not only knows what to write on a landing page, but they know what elements to test too. They pay close attention to the following –

  • The colors being used on your landing page.
  • The headline and use of the keyword.
  • The sub-points and what related keywords are being used.
  • The opt-in form and what data to collect.
  • Setting up split-testing.

Reason#4 – lead generation is massive and can streamline how fast you start making money through your blog. A Master copywriter will split test your forms by adding different headlines, colors, forms, and track data.

5) Master of Social Media Engagement

Group of Diverse People Discussing About Social Media

There is no argument social media has changed the way people interact and engage online. Social media drives enormous traffic to your blog within minutes which at one point would have taken years. A simple share will generate more traffic to your website than any other form of marketing. Not only that, but it’s a free form of marketing which should be utilized by every business owner. However, no matter how powerful social media has become, it’s important to note a few things –

First, for social media marketing to be effective, you need to know what platforms to focus on. Secondly, for social media marketing to be effective, you need to know the days and times when people are most active. Third, for social media to be effective, you need to standout compared to your competition by using creative #hashtags, “tweets” and headlines. Fourth, for social media to be effective, you need for the previous three to be all happening at the same time. If they are not, then you won’t see high engagement or conversions at all. For this reason, I encourage you to have a master copywriter on your team. A copywriter will help you accomplish the following because of the experience they bring to the industry.

a) audience – they will help establish the right social audience for you through #hashtag research. Once you know your audience, you’ll know who to write for and where to share your content.

b) timing – a master copywriter will help establish the right days and times your content should be posted online. Choosing the right times will ensure your content gets the highest possible views and engagements.

c) optimizing – a master copywriter will optimize your headline and the text being shared. This involves making sure you have the right keywords and #hashtags in place.

d) targeting – a master copywriter will know what influential people to target on social media. By getting your content in front of the right people, you’ll increase the outreach and momentum quickly.

Reason#4 – A master copywriter knows how and when to post on social media to increase engagement. They know what platforms to target and how to optimize the headline, description and #hashtags. 

6) Master of Formatting and Analyzing

There are many different types of content being written and shared online. Some perform better than others while others you want to avoid altogether. By writing the type of content people want to read, you’ve increased the likelihood of someone sharing your content by 25%. But, it takes time to understand what content performs best on your blog. You need to have experience in your industry and have a lot of data to analyze too. Instead of you taking on all the responsibility, it helps to have someone on your team with experience. This is where a master copywriter can help because they’ve been in the industry for a long time. They know what type of content will outperform others and where you should be focusing your attention. They know where to put your money and how to utilize your resources correctly. For example, here’s what I’ve learned about writing content –

The best type of content should either be “how-to” or “case studies”. These types of content provide so much value in a short period. They help those getting started by saving time and having to do research on their own. For example, “how-to” content provides people with a step-by-step game plan on how to solve a common problem their having. Next,

A master copywriter knows how to format the content so it’s easy to read. They pay close attention to spacing, sub-headings, having the keywords in the right place, and implementing the right call-to-action. You’ll be surprised how important formatting is to engagement because if someone cannot read your content, they won’t share your content…it’s that easy.

Reason#5 – A master copywriter will analyze the data to know what’s working and what’s not. They will also format the content so it’s easier for your audience to read and pull out the value they need. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a business owner and have a blog, then it’s important to hire a master copywriter for marketing. Handling day-to-day operations and writing content will consume your entire day. Not to mention, if you have no experience with copywriting then learning everything you need to can be very time-consuming. I encourage you to hire a master copywriter to handle your blog, so you can pay close attention to customer service and retention. You still control every aspect of your business and if you’re not happy with the results your achieving, then you can always switch around your copywriter for someone more experienced.

Tell Us –

Do you have a master copywriter helping you with your business? Have you seen an increase in your brand awareness? Has it helped your business grow?


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