3 Stategies For Starting An Internet Business (Part 2)

Sorry that I left you hanging for 1o days on the 3rd strategy! I’ve been out enjoying the Florida sun soaking up the rays in Daytona Beach and Disney World. While in Disney I discussed plans for a new company that will be coming soon. I can’t really share too much right now, but believe me when I say it’s going to be EXCITING.

Anyway, if you missed the first 2 strategies to starting an internet business, you can get them here:

Stategies For Starting An Internet Business
To recap real quick, here they are again.

1) Decide on a market
2) Do your research

So, what’s the 3rd strategy? Easy – implement. People don’t fail because they tried something and it didn’t work. That’s called testing. Failing is never trying, never going for it. If you don’t take action you’ll NEVER succeed. We all have dreams and goals and aspirations. Most people want a business of their own not because they’re passionate about business, but because they want a better life for their children, spouse, and ultimately themselves.

It’s not hard these days to start an internet business. Most people just don’t know where to look. You can get all the “techy” stuff handled by other people. All you need is an idea for a product. Once you have that, and you’ve done your initial research, it’s all downhill from there.

Making money isn’t hard once you have a proven system to follow. You just plug in a few details, flip the switch, and money starts coming in. Sure it sounds easy, but there is some work involved. If you figure out everything on your own you’re going to have to pay the price. You’ll pay this price by spending too much on advertising, hiring an incompetent web designer, and a whole host of other problems.


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