Paris Hilton Going To Jail?

There are few tragedies worse that of Paris Hilton going to jail, I
have to admit I sort of feel bad for her.

I mean, all she did was drive drunk with a suspended license. Haven’t
we all done that? Here’s the official word off the AP:

A judge sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in county jail Friday for violating her probation, putting the brakes on the hotel heiress’ famous high life.

Hilton, who parlayed her name and relentless partying into worldwide notoriety, must go to jail on June 5 and she will not be allowed any work release, furloughs, use of an alternative jail or electronic monitoring in lieu of jail, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ruled after a hearing.

I’ve never written about Paris Hilton before – actually I don’t think I’ve written
about any celebrity. I only bring up this case because Paris Hilton is searched
for A LOT online.

I’m talking like her name is in the top 10 of all searches every month. For
someone who hasn’t particularly done anything, that’s quite an accomplishment.

I’m not gushing over Paris Hilton, but neither am I glad she’s going to jail.

I guess I’m just shocked that she has such a following. Tonight the news
was littered with stories about her. AOL News has her as the feature story
right now!

In what world should a celebrity famous for being the daughter of a hotel
owner be the featured story in the United States of America?

This world I guess…and this blog too 🙁

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