Why am I Blogging?

A great question, I’m glad you asked. I’ve always been a fan of writing, having written numerous poems, songs, short stories, and even 1 novel that hasn’t seen the light of day. As you read this I’m working on another novel that I hope to get published (I guess all writer’s hope for that :-)) My journey into blogging began over a year ago when I was talked into keeping an xanga journal. I began blogging every couple weeks on there, mainly keeping up with the events of my day to day life and also writing encouraging material. From there, I had a few people that liked my encouraging articles and sort of got me thinking that maybe other people would like to hear my opinion and advice on some things. It took me a while to get to that point, being humble as I am. 😉

The final thing that got me to start my own site was a man named Steve Pavlina. I stumbled upon (literally) his page and read an article about waking up earlier each day, something I struggled with my whole life. I tried his advice and viola; I started getting up earlier and sleeping less everyday. I gained nearly an extra month of “awake” time each year. Truly a valuable gain. Check out Steve’s article, it’s worth it.

Then, I found an article on Steve’s site that talked about making money from your blog. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I’d heard of Google Adsense, and I’d heard of blogging, but for some reason I never put the two together. I also read content published by Authority Hacker titled 37 Practical Tactics to Monetize a Blog and wanted to give some of them a try. So with my newfound knowledge I delved into the world of WordPress, trackbacks, pings, posts, and blog carnivals. After finding a good theme, I wrote my first article.

I’m coming up on a month of blogging and I love it. I find new topics to post about everyday and it’s a blast. There’s so much going on in my life and blogging is a way to explain all the principles that guide me as I become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. I suggest anyone with goals and ambition have a blog, even if it’s only for your own benefit.

Back to the question of this blog. I write this blog because I believe that I have something to share with people. I don’t have all the answers, but maybe I have an answer you might be looking for. We all can learn from each other, because we are all students in the classroom of life. So, feel free to ask questions, debate, comment, even argue a little bit if something I say really upsets you:-). Oh yeah, I also enjoy blogging because I know it can earn enough money to free up my time for my Documentary Productions, public speaking, and education.

I am intending that this blog earn $3000.00 per month within 6 months from today. That means by January 28, 2007, I will be at my goal. I’m writing this intention on here now so I can look back and see the progress I’ve made. This goal will be reached by me writing quality articles that help people and by those people telling their friends, and those friends telling other friends. So, if you like my articles then tell a friend about them!!!

Finally, in about a week or more I will be introducing a new layout for my page. I will have a homepage, a better look, and even an audio podcast page. It might take you a couple of days to get used to the new look, but it will be much better and easier to use.

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4 thoughts on “Why am I Blogging?

  1. You are blogging because you are a very unique and gifted person and you have many valuable things to share. Yet at the same time, most people can relate to what you say and “get something” from this site.

    You truly are an inspiration hoss.

  2. “There’s so much going on in my life and blogging is a way to explain all the principles that guide me as I become healthier, wealthier, and wiser.”
    Yes, and as you learn and share these steps and knowledge, others learn too and become inspired, like me. =) I don’t think one has to be an expert in order to tell and teach what they’re doing as they do it…it’s more effective. Your writing is wonderful, Mike, and it gets readers to relate, wehich is most important, when you write novels, songs, or blogs. You are real, and that makes all of this real. Great job and you’ll reach your goals. Thank you,
    Sincerely your fan,
    (just a little tidbit for that humility of yours lol)

  3. Hi, Mike!

    I found your site through a trackback on Steve’s site. It’s a great article!

    Good luck in your work. I’m not at the point of monetizing yet, because I’m building my readership- but, if you have friends and supporters that think the world of you, and stand by you, you can’t help but succeed!

    Good luck!

    (Oh, and check out my blog!)

  4. So Mike …
    I just read your entry from July 28 2006
    I am intending that this blog earn $3000.00 per month within 6 months from today. That means by January 28, 2007, I will be at my goal.
    … it’s well past Jan 2007 … seriously … how cloe did you come to your $3000.00 per month goal? If it’s not too personal, what’s your current gross weekly earn off internet marketing ?

    Why do I ask …
    I’m on the same journey as you but I’m not doing real well on the income stakes.
    I’ve heard all the Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck, Rob Rawson, Paul Blackburn and Mal Emery teaching on mindset making the biggest difference and I totally believe I can do it!
    To-date however … apart from lost sleep and lots of failed attempts using Chris Carpenters GC and Danny Warners TBCM teaching, adwords, b-blogging, blog-and-ping and a second-attempt at ad-words, I’m now onto Content-rich websites following the Ken Evoy SBI course.

    Hence, your feedback would be appreciated.
    Regards – Col